Drive Digital Success - using data to make a difference

Google brought together their retail analysts alongside myself, to talk about industry trends and to share perspectives on the biggest opportunities for businesses.

I was invited as a guest speaker at Google to share how I have driven digital and tips for success online. The David Bowie inspired room, at Google's King's Cross Headquarters in London, was aptly named 'Major Tom'.

The agenda for the day covered:

Seasonal consumer behaviour trends and Identifying the moments that matter

I can show you how to stand out in a crowded market.

Mapping out your marketing goals

I'll run through an exercise to help map out your goals against the different stages of the marketing funnel.

Paid Search for beginners

I can provide an education if you are new to Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

Using the Google Display Network & YouTube Ads to increase brand awareness, influence consideration and drive purchases or phone calls

I can present an overview of how Display and YouTube Video ads can help drive success.

Using Google Shopping to drive more online sales

I can implement solutions for Shopping and tips for success.

Setting up an Ads Account and Measurement

Learn how to set up an account, create a campaign and track campaign performance, or sit back and let me take care of it.

Tell me about your project and I will take you through Google advertising solutions that can make a difference to your business or brand to reach more customers online in the moments that matter. Unlock your business potential today...

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