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Are you a business in Warwickshire with little or no online presence looking to grow? I offer one-to-one tailored Digital Marketing consultancy services and Web Design solutions, with over 15 years Marketing and Online experience with multi-million pound businesses and award-winning success.

Looking for digital marketing advice in Warwickshire?


Looking for an Internet Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Consultant? Looking for a Web Design Agency to create a new website? I am a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 


What is the difference between a digital marketing agency and consultant?

We're different from a Digital Marketing Agency, I can offer a customised, dedicated, personal and tailored freelance digital marketing consultancy, as a one-to-one digital specialist, we go the extra mile to understand your business; you'll have my undivided attention and expertise around the clock.

Providing expert advice, guidance and insight I empower people and businesses to realise their potential online. A bespoke and professional service to solve your Digital Marketing challenges and drive business growth online. I can implement a digital transformation, amplify your business and deliver digital success, with a personal touch.

I offer a complete Web Design, development and/or Ecommerce service, along with Digital Marketing solutions delivering innovation and strategy that will make a difference.


I offer customised digital solutions to help raise your business profile, strengthen your brand and turn leads in to customers. Personally delivered by me.


From competitor analysis to engaging with new audiences, and discovery to on-going business strategy. Using digital tools to deliver innovation that makes a genuine difference to your business. We'll work through a framework to produce an audit with my recommendations and proposals for you to takeaway.


Contact me to set up a convenient time and place.


Ideally the clients (your) business, but initially it could be a local coffee shop in Warwickshire or via email, phone, live chat, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout - your choice.


Unleash your businesses potential, create an identity online - Carpe Diem!

My mission statement: 

"Empowering people to build their business online. Inspiring people to achieve business growth."



Ada Digital is a results-driven digital marketing consultancy based in Warwickshire, with a strategic and collaborative approach.



We think about our clients, their business and their customers to understand and produce a clear bespoke strategy, as your digital partner.



We take that strategy to create a tailored plan of action implementing expertise, experience, knowledge and digital skills, combining art and science. 



With this combination we deliver results and data-driven measurable solutions. We monitor and analyse performance to continuously improve and make a real difference online.

I offer digital marketing and web design services nationwide, and specialise locally in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry, Warwickshire and Birmingham areas. Interested? Read more about my story.

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