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Google Partner

Google Advertising

Google Ads


The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam covers basic aspects of Google Ads and online advertising including account management, the value of search advertising and best practices for managing and optimising campaigns.


Search Ads

Google Search Ads

The Google Advanced Search Exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for managing Google Ad Campaigns.


Display Ads

Google Display Ads

The Google Advanced Display Exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for advertising on YouTube and the Google Display Network.


Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

The Google Shopping Advertising Exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including creating a Merchant Center account and product data feed and creating and managing Shopping campaigns.


Mobile Ads

Google Mobile


The Google Mobile Advertising exam covers basic and advanced concepts of mobile advertising, including ad formats, bidding and targeting, campaign measurement and optimisation.


Video Ads

Google YouTube Video Ads


The Google Video Advertising advanced certification covers basic and advanced YouTube and Google Display Network concepts. This includes topics such as ad formats, targeting and reporting.


To qualify for Google Partner status you must pass Google Ad certifications, meet the ad spend requirement across managed accounts and demonstrate performance by delivering strong client and company growth. Looking for a PPC management service, advertising advice and insight? We offer Google Ads consultancy from audits and setup to monthly ads management and optimisation.

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