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hi, we're ada digital

a little about us

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Who are ada digital?

As a digital marketing and web design agency with over 25 years of combined digital experience, our aim is to help you grow your business online.

We create digital marketing strategies that are bespoke to you and your business, from PPC to SEO and Web Design - let's start your transformation.

Our mission


We think about our clients, their business and their customers to build a bespoke strategy, as your digital partner.


We take that strategy and build a tailored roadmap implementing expertise, experience, knowledge and digital skills, combining creativity and data.


With this combination we deliver results and data driven measurable solutions. We monitor and analyse performance to continuously improve and make an impact.

Meet the team


Hi, i'm Tom Murrell, Digital Director at Ada Digital.


I'm a digital marketing consultant, web designer and computer science graduate with over 18 years professional experience in online advertising, ecommerce and business strategy.


I personally provide one-to-one expert advice, guidance, insight and solutions to empower people and businesses to realise their potential online.


Digital marketing, search engine optimisation and enabling business growth is my passion. So, let's start your digital transformation today.

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Hi, i'm Dani, Creative Director at Ada Digital.


As a digital strategist and English Language graduate, I have over 12 years professional experience in digital marketing, content strategy and website optimisation.


I've worked with multiple well-known clients at digital marketing agencies and with big international brands as Head of Digital in-house.


I love all things ecommerce, from diving into search trends and creating annual content roadmaps, to optimising websites and rolling out new cost-saving initiatives.

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Our clients

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Why ada?

Ada Lovelace was born in December 1815, and from childhood she had a fascination with machines, logic and mathematics.

In 1833 she was introduced by her tutor to Charles Babbage, a famous Professor of Mathematics. Charles Babbage had big plans to build a complicated device, called the Analytical Machine and Ada become an expert in all the plans. The Analytical Engine remained a vision, until Lovelace’s notes became one of the critical documents to inspire Alan Turing’s work on the first modern computer in the 1940s.

Ada was a key analytical brain behind the first ever computer - and we think that's pretty special.

Who we are

The story

Ada Digital was founded by Tom Murrell, a digital expert with a passion to help businesses unlock their true potential online. Why Ada? Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and the analytical brains behind the first ever computer

The quality

With over 25 years combined digital experience, the Ada Digital team are experts in all things digital, truly passionate about each step of the process - research, build, launch and optimise.

Vision statement

To provide expert digital advice, guidance, insight and solutions to empower businesses to realise their potential online and transform our clients business with the power of digital marketing.

Honesty & integrity

​We're results-driven (and there's no hiding from numbers). Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We think about our clients, their business and their customers, as a digital partner every step of the way.

Mission statement

Empowering people to build their business online. Inspiring people to achieve business growth.

Think. Create. Do.

Passion & learning

We love the opportunity of working with new or existing businesses; digital marketing and enabling business growth is our passion.

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Our digital marketing services

We provide digital marketing strategies that are tailored to you in order to help you achieve your business goals online.


Here at Ada Digital, we always put our clients and their customers first. As a results driven internet marketing agency based in Warwickshire, we’re strategic and collaborative, meaning we build bespoke digital marketing strategies that work.


Our digital marketing services include:


What our clients say
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