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Case study
Fitness Worx

About Fitness Worx

From gym memberships, to personal training sessions and group classes, Fitness Worx (also known as FWX) is a multi-location gym like no other.


FWX offers a true fitness experience, perfect for beginners and gym lovers, creating an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to enjoy looking after their health as part of a friendly and motivated community all year round.

Our strategy

The challenge

FWX came to us with a challenge to optimise their PPC Ads (Pay-Per-Click) channel. The ambition focused on increasing visitor traffic and improving conversion rate, decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA) and to dominate locally across the Paid Advertising within the gym, PT and fitness classes space.

The solution

Ada Digital ran an in-depth analysis of the current FWX Google Ads account and produced a detailed report focusing on areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. From refining the keyword strategy, to improving overall Ad quality score and location targeting.

The results

 Since optimising the FWX PPC account we’ve seen a huge uplift in performance, from paid advertising Traffic improving by +29% YoY to Conversions increasing by +37% YoY and Cost-Per-Acquisition dropping by -22% YoY. So, that's more leads at a lower cost - perfect.


The real headlines

+29% paid traffic increase

Our optimised PPC Ads experience resulted in users clicking on FWX Paid Ads 29% more times than the previous year.

+37conversion increase 

Users were 37% more likely to convert when landing on the FWX website from a Google Ad compared to the previous year.

+8% conversion rate improvement

The improved FWX Paid Ads meant that overall enhanced user journey increased conversion rate by 8%.

-22% reduced cost

By implementing the best technical paid advertising practices FWX saw a significant drop in cost per lead, with more relevant traffic coming in.

Man on Instagram
Man on Instagram
Man on Instagram

Fitness Worx testimonial

Since using ada:digital we've
seen a huge growth in leads

"We couldn't recommend Tom and Ada Digital marketing enough. Since using Tom we have seen a huge growth in our leads and consultations. Tom is always on hand and is very reactive. Ideal for a growing business."

Jack Gibson, Owner Fitness Worx

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Our clients

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